Board Members

The board steers our organization and ensures that we keep inspiring pastors as the focus of all we do.


Mark Lingenfelter


Jonathan Carey


Doug Black


Bud Olszewki



Terry Daniels

Tim Hodge

Greg Howell

Adam Johnson


Regional Shepherds

These men are entrusted with the task of caring for our members. They serve as encouragers, counselors, and are a lifeline for struggling pastors. 


Bob Combs

North Central Ohio, North East Ohio, North West Ohio, Eastern Canada

Doug Courter

Allegheny, Blue Ridge, Mid-Atlantic


Larry Edwards

West Penn

Dennis Faye



Roy Halberg

Mountain Plains, SoCal-Arizona

Greg Howell

Northern Atlantic


Larry Humberd

Northern Atlantic


Joel Richards

Hawaii, NorCal



Matthew Wheelock

Director of Regional Shepherds

Florida, Southern, Heartland, Iowa Midlands, Tri-State